Monday, August 20, 2007

Joell Ortiz - Rap City Freestyle VIDEO

Joell ortiz, the beast from the east on rap city again
DJ drama is there spinning the beat, I wanted to see dj premier there instead of Drama

A very good freestyle from Joell ortiz, the new aftermath/koch artist from Brooklyn. You can see his hiphop passion in the face... MTV why the hell did yall put jim jones before this hot spitter?
Joell Ortiz - Rap City Freestyle (08-17-07)

More Metaphors, Less BS UPDATE

From now on ill try to put up lyrics to the songs or videos that i put up, so that slow folks can read the metaphors for some hours and figure them out, NAHHHHH just playing but seriously this website is about metaphors so the lyrics are important.
Ill put up songs soon(zshare links and so on)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jadakiss videos

I know you want some al qaeda jada so here you are, some of videos for you. Enjoy cuz this is REAL HIPHOP

Jadakiss - Pay Attention

Jadakiss - Thug It Out (Put Ya Hoody On)

Jadakiss & Styles P. - Games People Play

Jadakiss - 40 Bars Of Terror

Jadakiss - Summer's Over '06

Jadakiss - Professional Hood Shit

one of the reallly BAD songs but i still put it up

Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay (Ratchet Remix) (Feat. The Game, Baby, Angie Loc & Jadakiss)

Jadakiss - Knock Yourself Out

Jadakiss Ft (Sheek Louch) - J-A-D-A

Ghostface Killah ft. Jadakiss - Run

Jadakiss - Still Feel Me

Hi-Tek ft. Jadakiss, Papoose - Where It Started At (NY)

Fat joe Big Punisher Jadakiss Nas Raekwon - John Blaze *CLASSIC*

Jadakiss feat Nate Dogg-Time Is Up

Ja Rule feat. Jadakiss & Fat Joe - New York

Juelz Santana - Young Jeezy - Jadakiss - Jim Jones-Hell Rell

Sheek Louch (feat. Jadakiss) - Mighty D Block

Jadakiss - Why

D-Block yall eheee, learn to appreciate real lyrics and not these fake laffy taffers
better than the original video...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crooked i C.O.B

Crooked I, one of the best artists from the west right now
but why the fuck he gotta diss snoop, the deathrow shit is too old.


some of his older songs

Crooked I - Boom Boom Clap

Crooked I - Wake Up Show

Crooked I - This Is How We Do This

Crooked I - Still tha Row

The worst song out right now

i thought it was a joke or maybe one of those hiphop-is-dead-because-of-atlanta songs like laffy taffy but this jokah is from chitown
the hiphop is dead shit is spreading all over usa it aint only atl now

well yall have a laugh
Soulja boy-crank dat soulja boy

time to laugh some mo mann, this is the spoof
Army boy-crank dat army boy

"i forgot my next line too" that remembered me of wack 5-0

or is he lip syncing?
either way its hilarious to see him walk around and makin himself look like a fool

buy kanyes album, graduation releasing on sept 11th so that 5-0 gets retired, tired of seein this stripper on tv all the time...
Read more here

New joell ortiz video

joell ortiz-latino

Krs one, The Teacha

"KRS ONE 20 years I rock I do it for JMJ and Scott LaRock"

Peedo - New York City (Feat. KRS-One & Fat Joe)

KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives

KRS-One - Hip Hop Lives Freestyle

Kanye West ft. Rakim, Nas, & KRS One - Classic

Sound of da police 'A REAL CLASSIC'

KRS One - My Philosophy

Channel Live - Mad Izm (Feat. KRS-One)


krs one-step into a world

Def Poetry - KRS-One & Doug Fresh - 2nd Quarter

KRS-One,Tim Dog-I Get Wrecked

only the link

Krs-One, Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Fat Joe, Smif-N-Wessun & Jeru D&D All Star


KRS One, Paradise, Skinnyman and MCD - U Must Learn

KRS-one - Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)

Killah Priest, Krs-One, Buckshot, Cam'ron, Keith Murray

KRS-One, Caz, Ice-T + more! Freestyle Live over The Symphony

KRS-One Freestyle Medley Live

KRS-One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know

"if you dont know me by now i doubt youll ever know me"

Keitg murray, album out NOW

Keith Murray - Hustle On

Keith Murray - Nobody Do It Better (Feat. Tyrese & Junior)

the album,Rap-Murr-Phobia is out now, go cop it

Styles p tha ghost

"dont call him the ghost nomor call him the phantom"

Jadakiss & Styles P. - Games People Play

Styles P, Papoose & Lupe Fiasco BET Awards Cipher

Good Times(I get high)

Can You Believe It

BET rap city freestyle

Joell ortiz,

Brooklyn bullshit

En why cee feat juganot and fat joe

G4TV Freestyle 101

Live On The Cipha Sounds Effect

Hip Hop

aw man real lyricism here...