Monday, August 13, 2007

The worst song out right now

i thought it was a joke or maybe one of those hiphop-is-dead-because-of-atlanta songs like laffy taffy but this jokah is from chitown
the hiphop is dead shit is spreading all over usa it aint only atl now

well yall have a laugh
Soulja boy-crank dat soulja boy

time to laugh some mo mann, this is the spoof
Army boy-crank dat army boy

"i forgot my next line too" that remembered me of wack 5-0

or is he lip syncing?
either way its hilarious to see him walk around and makin himself look like a fool

buy kanyes album, graduation releasing on sept 11th so that 5-0 gets retired, tired of seein this stripper on tv all the time...
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